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cable machine-Common troubles and troubleshooting methods

Date:2013-10-31Source:Dongguan Gongfei Smart Technology Co.,Ltd
Failure (Possible) Cause Troubleshooting
When running the production line, the magnetic powder brake cannot work normally, or even be jammed. 1. Tension controller is destroyed 1. Replace tension controller
Payoff is running abnormally. 1.The position of the dancer (displacement sensor) is incorrect
2. The displacement sensor is destroyed or the thread end has insufficient soldering
3.The servo controller is abnormal
1. Adjust the position of the displacement sensor
2. Replace displacement sensor
3. Handle the problem of the controller properly
Production line cannot run normally 1. Emergency stop without reset
2. There is alarming in production line
1.Check whether there is any alarming in production line in alarming interface
Heating system is abnormal 1.The thermocouple has poor contact or the earth wire is not connected well
2.Thermal heater is destroyed
1. Check the joint of the terminal and the earth wire, and handle it well
2. Replace a new thermal relay
Traction is stopped 1. The setup of the controller is incorrect
2. The controller is alarming
1. Correct to the correct setting
2. Find the reason for failure alarming
Metering is incorrect After removing the mechanical problems:
1. Adjust the metering coefficient
2. The proximity switch
1. Adjust the metering correction coefficient in the interface
2. Replace a new proximity switch

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