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Cable machine production operation process

Date:2013-10-31Source:Dongguan Gongfei Smart Technology Co.,Ltd
The Cable machine production operation process:

1. Turn on the power switch of the power distribution cabinet;
2. Start up the computer until the computer enters into system monitoring system automatically;
3. If an error reminder appears for the communication between the PLC and the computer, please quit the monitoring system, and restart the monitoring system after checking and removing the failure;
4. If the user needs to choose the production parameters of optical cable this time among commonly-used specifications; once chosen, please do not choose other specifications again during the production, or else, it shall cause unpredictable result; next, the user can enter into automatic operation screen for operation.
5. During the heating process of the extruder, clamp well the pay-off reel and adjust the payoff tension.
6. Clamp well the take-up reel, check whether the take-up adjustment is on proper position, start up “take-up” button, then rotate take-up reel at low speed, and check whether the axle of the take-up reel is at the same horizontal line.
7. After heating,start the extruder,set the screw rotation rate , Extruder discharge material in low speed,set the speed about 5RPM,after the temperature in each area is stable,then increase the speed slowly.and check whether there is anything abnormal, if everything is normal, discharge material is over.
8. After discharge material, reset the extruder, start traction and payoff, if there is no alarming, start production;
9. Start drying device; pay attention not to splash water drop on the lens of the laser gauge ; the drying device can be started up only when the traction running.
10. Confirm the whole production line is running at low speed at the beginning, the screw shall flow the traction to speed up or speed down automatically in accordance with the parameters of the cable diameter set by the user, the user can make proper adjustment in accordance with his needs, until the outer diameter meets the requirement (fine adjusted value is only valid to the startup of the screw , if a certain cable diameter has relatively larger deviation, reset the data in production parameter interface); adjust the regulator potentiometer of payoff and take-up to proper position,  let the swing arm guide wheel of the take-up keep in a proper position; during the process of production, pay attention to the position of the take-up and payoff potentiometer at any time, in case of adjustment at any time; after the equipment is running normally and stably, you can choose to run the equipment at regular speed;
11. If the motor is running at high speed, please do not shutdown at random. When you need to shutdown the motor, first slow down to below 20M/min, then close traction and extrusion.
12. When the production process is over, confirm all parts of the equipment are in shutdown condition, choose Quit button in Normal production interface ,also shut down the computer; close the power switch in the power distribution cabinet.

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