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Fiber Coloring machine Maintain

Date:2013-10-31Source:Dongguan Gongfei Smart Technology Co.,Ltd
Fiber Coloring machine Maintain:

   ● Check the motor if have unusual noise or vibration
   ● Check the curing oven temperature and UV lamp electric current
   ● Check the cooling fan working situation
   ● Check the guide wheel working well ,and check the guide wheel groove should be smooth and cleanly
   ● Capstan wheel should be smooth and cleanly
   ● Check the traverse screw lubrication should be ok
   ● Check the machine screw at fixed period
   ● Enter lubrication for traverse screw at fixed period
   ● Clean the quartz glass tube at fixed period
   ● Check the reflector of curing oven ,it should be gloss,its better change the reflector after one year

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