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Stranding machine

Name:high speed copper wire buncher machine
300-630mm high speed twisting machine is suitable for the stranding of enameled wire and copper wire of HDMI cable,computer traverse cable,head-phone cable,mobile cable,net cable,power cable,pvc wire,etc. 

Ⅲ. Technical parameters: 
Machine type HK-300A HK-300B HK-500 HK-630
Single wire diameter Φ0.05-0.14mm Φ0.08-0.28mm Φ0.08-0.45mm Φ0.16-0.63mm
Stranding cross-section area 0.005-0.035mm2 0.035-0.937mm2 0.05-3.0mm2 0.8-6.7mm2
Stranding pitch 1.9-17mm 4.36-17mm 4.22-39.64mm 11.15-60.24mm
Volume of loading copper(Max.) 30kg 30kg 250kg 400kg
Twist arch speed(Max.) 3000-4000rpm/min 3000-4000rpm/min 2200-3000rpm/min 1800rpm/min
Stranding direction S/Z left or right free option      
Automatic stop 1. Automatic brake for inside and outside wire broken
  2. Automatic meter-counting send signal to inform when set meter is reached
Bearing Main bearings from Sweden, subsidiary bearings from Japan
Main motor power 2HP frequency control 5HP frequency control 5HP frequency control 7.5HP frequency control
Noise index About 70dB About 75dB About 75dB About 75dB
Take-up shaft Φ250mm,Φ300mm Φ250mm,Φ300mm Φ300mm,Φ400mm Φ500mm,Φ630mm
Machine size 1620×880×1200 2050×1090×1250 2620×1310×1460 2900×1500×1650
Machine weight 950kg 1600kg 2400kg 3350kg

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