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Winding device

Name:high speed insulated cable extruder for core-wire
1. Application:
Suitable for the extrusion of PVC,PE,PU and other plastic material,mainly applied in the insulation or sheath extrusion of car cable,net wire,power cable,data wire,high frequency wire,building wire,electric wire.etc.The changed screw is suitable for extrusion of low smoke halogen free,nylon and other plastic material.

2. Technical parameters:
                                             Technical parameters
Machine type HK-25 HK-30 HK-35 HK-45 HK-50 HK-60
Pay off type motorized motorized/double-shaft
Screw diameter Φ25 Φ30 Φ35 Φ45 Φ50 Φ60
Screw L/D 26:1
Max.extrusion output 20kg/h 30kg/h 40kg/h 50kg/h 70kg/h 110kg/h
Motor power 7.5HP 10HP 10HP 15HP 15HP 20HP
Wire diameter Φ0.2-1.0 Φ0.2-2.0 Φ0.4-2.5 Φ0.6-3.0 Φ0.6-4.0 Φ0.8-8.0
Cooling device Folding type W/U type
Haul-off power 2HP 2HP 2HP 3HP 3HP 4HP
Wire-storage length 250m
Max. Line speed 500m/min
Take-up type Double shaft bundle packaging/shaft packaging

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