Stranding mode of optical cable

Stranding mode of optical cable

In the process of optical fiber cable manufacturing, the process of twisting several loose tube and reinforcement is called cabling(stranding).

Cable stranding has two ways: SZ twisting and helical twisting.


Helical twisting means that all conductors are twisted in one direction, and the angle of twist along the axial direction of the optical cable is constant. Compared with SZ twisting, the pitch of Helical twisting is easier to control and not easy to loosen, but Helical twisting machine is complicated and speed is slow. As usual,for distribution cables and breakout cables in optical cables are generally twisted by Helical twisting machine.


SZ twisting is widely used in optical cable production. SZ twisting means  the all conducts are twisted in one direction at beginning, but when the preset number of circles is reached, the reverse direction is started.Because it twist two direction, So we called its S/Z twisting machine.Adopt SZ twisting, the core wire is released on the fixed bobbin and no need back twist , at the reversing point, the twist element is parallel to the cable axial direction.As usual,we used for loose tube twisting, also can be used for optical composite cable twisting.


S/Z twisting machine mainly include are as follows:

1. single-Shaft central strength-member pay-off rack

2. double wheeled tension device

3. Loose tube pay off rack

4.Oil filling device

5.SZ oscillator

5. Double-drum concentric type cross-binder device(torsion device)

6. Wheel flat belt Capstan machine

7.IPC+PLC electronic control box

8. Take up rack and some other auxiliary equipments


Compared with Helical twisting machine, SZ twisting machine has high production efficiency, small and light rotation part. As well as saving the installation space and energy consumption, the SZ twisting can be more convenient to linkage with Extruder.


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