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Dongguan Gongfei Smart Technology Co.,Ltd, can provide wire & cable equipments,fiber optic cable equipments and related other cable equipments .To satisfy with foreign market demands and better service for customers, from 2017,We have set up experence pre-sale service and After-sale service team.With rich experience of mechanical and electrical technical team, complete production process and through long-term technical reserves and development, Our engineer have mature independent sets of cable equipment design and manufacturing capabilities. Pre-sale service Own excellent management team,can provide whole factory planning design,cost accounting and related resources integration; After-sale service Own a group of mature technology and experienced engineers,can provide equipment training and high-quality after-sale service for foreign customers; Other service Can provide high-quality raw material and related accessories suppliers for foreign customers Equipment maintenance services Equipment's maintenance and cleaning,we have specialized products. With our advanced technology and all-round services,bring greater value to our customers and achieve a win-win situation.....[more]
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2017-03-09 cable machine-Common troubles and troubleshootin
Failure (Possible) Cause Troubleshooting When running the production line, the magnetic powder brake cannot work normally, or even be jammed. 1. Tension controller is destroyed 1. Replace tension controller Payoff is running abnormally. 1.T
2017-03-09Fiber Coloring machine Maintain
Fiber Coloring machine Maintain: ● Check the motor if have unusual noise or vibration ● Check the curing oven temperature and UV lamp electric current ● Check the cooling fan working situation ● Check the guide wheel working well ,a
2017-03-09 Cable machine production operation process
The Cable machine production operation process: 1. Turn on the power switch of the power distribution cabinet; 2. Start up the computer until the computer enters into system monitoring system automatically; 3. If an error reminder appears f
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