Network Cable Core Wire Pair Twist Machine+Back Twist Machine

Pair Twist Machine+Back Twist Machine for LAN Cable Core Wire

A.500P automatic tension pair twist machine 

  1. Application: used for pair twisting of CAT-5,CAT-5E,CAT-6,computer core-wire,etc.

  2. Revolution speed: Max. 2200 rpm ,stepless adjustable

  3. Take-up spool:500mm

  4. Inlet wire diameter:Φ0.8~Φ1.5mm

  5. Stranding pitch:5.8mm~54.56mm, gear-change type

  6. Stranding direction: S/Z left or right stranding

  7. Tension control:magnetic powder clutch + automatic tension controller

  8. Loading and unloading of wire-spool: deceleration motor electrical type lifting

  9. Lubrication of main spool:oil-hydraulic with auto loop

  10. Main motor:5HP,380V speed-governing motor

  11. Auto-stop:auto stop when wire is broken or the set meter is reached

  12. Height of main shaft:730mm

B. Double-spool vertical type back-twist machine 

  1. Application: synchronous back-twisting before the pair twisting of net wire CAT-5, CAT-5E,CAT-6 core-wire.

  2. Type: vertical cabinet, double-bobbin package, electric-lifting wire-bobbin.

  3. Revolution speed:Max. 1000rpm/min

  4. Twist-back rate:Max. 80% stepless adjustable

  5. Pay off bobbin:Φ500(outer diameter)×Φ56(inner diameter)×Φ300(width), or according to client's requirement

  6. Main motor:5.5HP, 4P AC motor

  7. Feeding-wire motor power:Two sets 0.5HP, AC motor

  8. Tension of each wire:200g~1500g, stable and adjustable

  9. Tension wire accumulator:Swing-leverage type double heads, Φ120mm tension wheels, 3+4 channels, accurate displacement sensor inspection